Private Wealth

Guidance for your financial life


We focus on addressing the unique tax, investment and financial planning issues affecting individuals and their families. Clients value our experience, expertise and resources of a global firm with the personalized attention and service of a local professional. Our strategic approach to private wealth management weaves together financial planning, wealth building, wealth preservation and tax minimization strategies. Through a thoughtful and disciplined process, we help you select and implement the most advantageous investment strategy to accomplish your goals.

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Our Private Wealth Management Investment Philosophy

To ensure that our actions are aligned to best serve our clients, we have a clearly stated and structured investment philosophy.  A Private Wealth Management Investment Committee is involved in all aspects of asset allocation, tactical allocation and investment selection to support our clients financial goals. We believe that a formal process combining these important considerations is critical to our success.

Asset Allocation

The foundation of our private wealth management investment strategy is asset allocation. Research indicates that approximately 90% of an investment portfolio’s performance is determined by the asset allocation. We believe that selecting the appropriate allocation is the most important element in determining investment success. Our portfolios range from conservative to aggressive.

Tactical Allocation

We believe there are times where it is beneficial and prudent to modify the mix of a portfolio in response to current or expected market conditions. Using a tactical overlay approach allows us to potentially add value during those market opportunities. Our Private Wealth Management Investment Committee meets frequently to discuss our stance on the global economy and the financial markets and to ensure that we have the appropriate processes and procedures in place to support our decision making.

Manager Selection

An important component of a strong investment portfolio is the manager selection. We attempt to select managers that consistently outperform their market benchmarks and peers. Despite extensive research, we have not found clear or unbiased evidence demonstrating the superiority of active or passive portfolio management. Our portfolios employ a combination of both active and passive strategies to support our manager selection and investment philosophy.

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Coordinated Tax Planning

Year-end planning allows us to summarize your current year tax situation and develop tax savings strategies. The implementation of these short-term strategies could greatly reduce your tax liability. Private wealth management year-end planning also includes projections for the following tax year and an appropriate tax withholding plan.

Through the planning process, we will:

  • Recommend realizing gains or harvesting losses in your investment portfolio
  • Project your income for the following year
  • Plan for estimated quarterly tax payments

Our private wealth management professionals are continuously assessing your individual situation and will present you with various planning ideas throughout the year. Strategic tax planning allows you to achieve a variety of goals.

  • Establishing a gifting plan or leaving a charitable bequest
  • Selecting the most tax efficient deferred compensation strategy
  • Modeling the tax impact of exercising stock options and selling ESPP shares
  • Projecting cash flows and tax liability from the sale of a business or low-basis real estate


Financial Planning

A comprehensive financial plan is the foundation for your future financial decisions. Financial planning is about achieving your goals through strategic private wealth management of your financial resources. Through the planning process we will help you establish and prioritize your long term financial objectives. We guide you with analysis and strategic solutions that are tailored to your specific circumstances.