Financial Planning

Guidance for your personal financial needs


Whether you are planning for retirement or considering charitable giving strategies, our financial planning professionals work closely with you to create a road map to achieve your immediate and longer term goals.

Learning about your personal financial situation allows us to develop a creative and customized financial strategy that protects your lifestyle and helps you achieve your goals.

Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement can be both exciting and overwhelming. A diligent savings plan prior to retirement and a strategic withdrawal strategy during retirement are essential for achieving your goals. Implementing these strategies will provide confidence and peace of mind as you enter retirement and will be the road map for achieving your spending goals.

Investment Analysis

The proper portfolio allocation is critical to achieving your long term goals. Through the planning process, we will determine the average annual investment return you will need in order to achieve your spending goals.  That will then allow us to recommend a portfolio allocation that will provide you with the best opportunity to achieve that return.

Insurance Planning

Appropriate insurance coverage is an important aspect of your financial plan. The impact of self-insuring should be compared with a plan that transfers the financial risk to an insurance company. Income, debt, net worth and estate planning goals should all be incorporated into your insurance plan. We evaluate life, disability, long term care and liability insurance policies to determine the most appropriate level and type of coverage needed to protect you and your family.

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Estate Planning

A thoughtful and well-constructed estate plan will allow you to transfer assets into the right hands at the right time. The structure of your estate plan and titling of assets will have a significant impact on the assets your beneficiaries receive. Our professionals can model multiple planning strategies and help you craft a plan that will achieve all of your wealth transfer goals.

Special Needs Planning

Planning for a child or family member with special needs takes experienced caring professionals. With proper planning, you create the ability to define the desired quality of life and establish realistic goals based upon individual circumstances.

Business Transition Planning

Your business represents a significant portion of your wealth. Employing the right transition strategy is paramount to achieving your long term financial goals. By engaging the right resources at the right time, we help our clients achieve their goals, mitigate risk and prepare for the future. Using a team of advisors, we work with clients to develop long-term personal goals, identify potential exit strategies, assess tax implications of transition alternatives and design strategic transition plans.

Education Planning

Many clients value education and want to provide additional educational opportunities for their children and grandchildren.  With education costs continuing to rise, strategic planning for education expenses is essential. We develop models of savings strategies and recommend investment strategies that offer the appropriate level of risk and diversification given each child’s age.