Complex Benefit Plan Solutions

Designing and maintaining an effective plan for your company


We specialize in self-funded health plan consulting representing clients in a variety of industries and geographic locations. Working closely with insurance carriers, third party administrators and re-insurance markets, our primary focus is to structure funding arrangements in line with our clients business goals and objectives.

Our professionals routinely perform in-depth due diligence on fully-insured and self-insured programs to evaluate historic cost results, price competitiveness, spread of risk and population health risk. We focus on the highest cost inflationary coverage lines to determine if a health and welfare program is structured to control cost and manage risk. We consult with our clients on the fundamentals of transferring risk v. managing risk to develop a funding arrangement strategy.

Employee benefit plans


Meet Tracey Davis, Employee Benefit Account Manager.  She helps clients create benefit plans that manage costs, maximize investment and achieve your company’s core values.

To learn more about how we can help you evaluate your current employee benefit plan, contact us here.