Social Services

Improving the lives of our communities


Many organizations are facing an increasing demand for their services while dealing with reductions in funding, limited donor activity, and significant financial and operational challenges. Our professionals work closely with public organizations, human services, community development and other agencies to improve organizational effectiveness while maintaining their tax-exempt status.

We work with and serve on the board of many social service organizations throughout our communities.  This ongoing involvement allows us to better anticipate problems, guide our clients to achieve their goals and encourage long term success.  Our nonprofit team work exclusively with tax exempt organizations and have deep knowledge in not-for-profit entities, accounting and operational issues.  And we are committed to reassigning staff to recurring engagements – to save time and maintain an ongoing familiarity with the organization.

We take pride in staying on top of technological developments and remaining fully abreast of current and pending legislation.  In addition, we’re always looking ahead, spotting upcoming trends, and refining and expanding our services accordingly, so we’re ready to meet our client’s needs before they arise.

Our team members maintain contact throughout the year with our clients to understand the organizations’ activities which allow us to assist in many ways. We look for opportunities to streamline procedures, strengthen internal controls and improve cash flows. In addition, we review current and future financing needs, offering alternatives in a consulting capacity.