Medical Practice Management and Consulting


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We are dedicated to helping physicians and their practices achieve their financial goals. Every practice has a unique culture and vision. Our medical practice management consultants work closely with your group to become a fully integrated member of the organization.

Strategic Business and Capital Planning – Whether you are considering expanding your practice, starting a new practice or considering ancillary services, a sound strategic plan ensures ongoing access to capital. Our medical practice management consultants work with clients to develop actionable business and long-term financial plans.

Clinic Operations – We take a strategic look at your organization from a holistic approach. Whether it is strategic planning and staffing models or assessing billing and collection results, our medical practice management consultants provide guidance to help your practice attain a higher level of operational efficiency. We conduct operational assessments to identify the opportunities to increase reimbursement rates and lower operating costs without impacting your level of care.

Physician-Hospital Relationships – The financial and organizational issues that continually challenge the healthcare industry are ones we are experienced with on a regular basis. We advise on the development of joint ventures, between non-profit hospitals and private medical practices or physician groups. Our medical practice management consultants are experienced with contracting, compensation and the complex negotiations that occur during the process.

Buy-ins and Buy-outs – Whether you are merging with or acquiring another medical practice, we understand that even the simplest transactions are complex. We assist with buy-ins and buy-outs, working diligently on behalf of our clients. From valuation to organizational consulting, our medical practice management consultants have the expertise to ensure a smooth transition.

Independent Practice Accounting and Finance – Navigating the complex, ever-changing nature of your business is a constant challenge. Our significant depth of resources in finance, accounting and consulting services provide your organization a highly experienced team when you need it most.

Medical Practice Management and Clinical Operations

  • CEO services for healthcare entities
  • Practice start ups includes initial credentialing
  • Strategic planning

Human Resources, Benefits and Recruiting

  • Organizational development
  • Performance and development programs
  • Employee benefits review, plan design and audits

Risk & Compliance Management

  • HIPAA compliance programs
  • Laboratory compliance
  • Safety programs

Patient Service Programs

  • Clinical outcome assessments
  • Patient advocacy programs
  • Clinical flow modeling

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Regulatory and Compliance Tools – Complying with federal and state regulations is an increasing challenge for clinicians, their healthcare organizations and the business entities that serve them. We strive to be an ongoing source of knowledge and offer medical practice consulting services to healthcare organizations and physicians on a variety of regulatory compliance matters.

Risk and Compliance Assessments – We conduct the necessary reviews and audits to assure compliance as well as assist in remediation steps.

Security Incident Investigation and Breach Notification Assistance – The stakes are high both as to the impact of a breach on an organization’s business reputation and the flow of potential financial damages. Our medical practice management consulting services provide the resources to guide your organization through the entire process in a timely and cost effective manner.

Compliance Strategic Planning – We provide clients a high-level review of their readiness and assist in determining how to deploy organization resources effectively in today’s complex regulatory environment.

Staff Training and Educational Materials Development – Continuous training and performance improvement are central elements of every effective compliance program. We work with clients to design specific training solutions catered to their needs.