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Manage Your Healthcare Documents, Information and Dates With Ease

Medical Practice Contract Compliance and Legal Risk Management

Aldrich Docs is an easy-to-use contract management solution for medical practices and healthcare organizations. Manage your contracts in one place so you never miss a deadline.  Aldrich Docs automatically notifies you in advance of contract auto-renewal dates for proactive negotiation and prevents you from missing contract expiration dates for revenue contracts or other important agreements.

With Aldrich Docs, you can bring critical documents and data into one platform for ease of management. Some examples of contracts and agreements include:

  • Physician employment agreements
  • Credentialing documents including applications, DEA licenses and CME
  • Affiliation agreements
  • Employee agreements
  • Billing company, EMR, malpractice insurance agreements
  • Property, equipment and information technology agreements
  • Managed care/insurance payor contracts



Aldrich Docs for contract management tracks contract expirations, tasks and alerts, documents, workflow, and more. All of your contracts are in one place for ease of management.  You can filter and sort to review upcoming renewals, mission critical items such as revenue contracts or view the information any way you like. Export and print functions turn Aldrich Docs into a powerful reporting tool. Our cloud based software is also responsive to each user’s security profile.



With Aldrich Docs, you control every requirement of your contracts with notifications and tasks. A task is much more than a “to-do” item. You have the ability to tie a task with an important contract expiration or renewal date or even an individual document date. Tasks can be scheduled to send an alert once or on a recurring basis depending on the contract or agreement requirements. The Aldrich Docs task function delivers the control you need to effectively manage your important contracts and never miss an important auto newal or contract expiration date.



Documents are an integral part of a medical contract management solution. Organize all the documents related to a contract in one place. The original agreement, every schedule, exhibit, amendment, and ancillary document stay together. Insurance certificates are a common example. You can schedule expiration dates, alerts, and tasks for each document.

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