Business Growth Services


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We want to help your business thrive.

By building a team with industry knowledge and financial expertise, we are uniquely qualified to provide business growth services to expanding businesses. We work closely with our clients, constantly bringing ideas and evaluating opportunities that arise.

When appropriate, we will share the best practices and good ideas we have witnessed while working with our large client base. This may include accounting procedures, creating effective business plans, bookkeeping, tax strategies, investment opportunities, bringing people and companies together, and staffing needs.

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Financing Your Growing Business Needs

Moving from business dream to hard profit requires experienced business growth professionals. At Aldrich, we understand the issues around start up financing and will help you implement strategies to enhance your business’ appeal to potential investors, maximizing your funding options.

Our business growth services also include assisting with successful buy-in and buy-outs, and complex mergers and acquisitions.

Aldrich offers experienced deal structuring and financing advice throughout the transaction. Tax planning at an early stage can add significant value to every transaction. Such planning is essential to reduce both the actual transaction tax costs and the long term sustainable tax rate following the transaction.

Our business growth services include:

  • Structure acquisitions to optimize net cash flows
  • Assess and manage acquisition merger risk
  • Carry out pre-acquisition due diligence
  • Ensure tax efficient deal structuring
  • Ensure post-deal integration
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Structuring Your Business

At Aldrich, our business growth services professionals work with clients from the very beginning throughout the growth of their businesses, adapting services as needed. Drawing upon diverse experience gained from involvement across a broad range of companies, we can work in partnership with you to develop your business to its full potential.

Business Entity Selection – Choosing the form of entity of your business (e.g. “S” corporation, sole proprietor, LLC, etc…) is a crucial decision that can have longstanding tax implications. We can assist you in evaluating the pros and cons of each entity type to help you determine the most appropriate type of business for forming your new company.

Sound advice. Sound performance.

Many of our business growth consultants are former senior industry executives. They are experts at providing strategic, financial, performance and organizational advisory services to private and public companies. Companies benefit from bringing in a fresh, objective perspective backed by expertise in that industry.

Our business growth services include:

  • Business strategy and planning
  • Operational reviews
  • Board effectiveness and planning
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Benchmarking and performance criteria
  • Financial projections, models and budgets

We help our clients obtain information and advice that leads to real and lasting solutions. Our business growth consultants are innovators, troubleshooters and problem solvers ready to help you achieve success.

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Employee Resources

From attracting and retaining high-quality employees, preventing lost work through wellness, and helping employees attain their long-term financial goals, Aldrich’s experienced business growth professionals will help you define and articulate an employee resources strategy.

Our business growth services include: