Our Services

Our expertise goes beyond audits and the preparation of income tax returns


We work closely with our clients and with those in the industry, constantly bringing ideas and evaluating opportunities that arise. When appropriate, we will share the best practices and good ideas that we have seen or heard of while working with our large telecommunication client base. This may include accounting procedures, tax strategies, investment opportunities, bringing people and companies together, and staffing needs.

We have over 30 years of experience helping organizations with services including:

  • Merger and acquisition assistance
  • Cost allocation studies
  • Operational review and internal control assessments
  • Rate studies and tariff filings
  • Strategic planning sessions with boards and management

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We pride ourselves on the quality of the work the firm has performed over the past 30 years and the credibility we have gained with our clients. We stand behind our work whether we are helping you to develop strategies or improve internal process and are ready and able to assist you in front of the Public Utility Commissions or other regulatory agencies.

Trends in financial services

The companies for which we provide assurance services include both privately held entities and cooperatives that have operations in affiliates. Their services include long distance, cellular, cable television, Internet, security and alarm systems, CLEC, PCS and IPTV. Our utilities team of 17 includes five partners and has over 200 years of combined experience in the industry.

While providing audit and tax services to our clients, we stress the importance of looking beyond  ‘audit and tax’ for ways to add value.

Based on our industry knowledge, there are several current topics facing our clients today that are critical to their success. Some examples include:

Revenue Streams

How reliant is your Company on support mechanisms and other revenue sources that are under attack? Do you know what the impact of the current Notice of Proposed Rulemaking issued by the FCC on your organization? We can assist you in understanding these issues and what others are doing to position themselves for the changes that are coming.

Cash Flow

Always a challenge to established companies, cash flow is of critical importance to entities that are dramatically expanding their operations. We assist clients in creating cash budgeting models to effectively manage this challenge.

Internal Controls

As part of the audit process, we obtain details of various systems, how they are designed and actually work. We strive to assist you in developing internal controls that are adequate for your company as it grows.

  • Assurance services – audit, review, compilations
  • Approved auditor of RUS Borrowers
  • FCC Part 32 accounting rules
  • Determining the impact of accounting transactions on the cost studies
  • Requirements of grant programs
  • Financing and loan applications
  • Budgeting and financial projections
  • Cash flow management


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We assist our clients in regulatory compliance at the state and national level. The following are the types of services provided:

  • Annual filing for state Public Utility Commissions
  • Filings for the FCC including 499A and 499Q
  • Development of Cost Allocation Manuals
  • Quarter and Annual for online data submission for RUS
  • Revenue requirement studies
  • Depreciation Studies
  • Tariff Filings