Business Succession Planning

How to transition your architecture or engineering firm to maximize value

architecture and engineering business succession planning

When it comes to developing a succession plan for your architecture or engineering firm, there is no “one size fits all.” We work closely with you to create a plan that will ensure your years of hard work will be transitioned effectively to maximize the return for the future.

Business succession planning is difficult for a variety of reasons.

It raises issues of inevitable life changes, of mortality, and of changes in key personal relationships. When planning for succession, there may be several challenging personal issues to discuss such as “What will I do when I retire?”  When there are no clear successors to take over the business such as family members, partners or employees these issues are often more complex.

We find that many of our architect and engineer clients want to provide continued income for family members and maintain jobs for family members and colleagues. They also want to establish a personal legacy through continuation of the business or a charitable contribution. The number of options available to meet these goals decreases steadily as time passes.

By planning for business succession, you retain control over the outcome. When there is no plan, others are in a position to take control of the transition. We understand the complexities of business succession planning for architecture and engineering firms. Let us help you plan now for the future.

Considerations After Transition

Do you plan to continue your involvement in the business, reduce your hours or exit completely? Creating a financial plan to prepare for the transition out of business ownership will be an important consideration. Our investment and wealth management professionals are here to guide you. We provide complete wealth management, financial planning and estate planning services during and after transition.
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