2018 Agribusiness Industry Survey

Understanding the cost of labor is important to those in the agribusiness community. The annual Agribusiness Industry Survey provides farmers in the West the ability to benchmark wages and land rents in their specific industry and area using valuable information from their peers.

Labor is generally the largest expense for any organization. Having a solid understanding of this cost allows businesses to balance the need to attract talent while still maintaining fiscal responsibility for the company. In addition, it allows owners to make pay decisions including hiring, promotions, internal equity salary adjustments and general compensation planning.

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2017 Agribusiness Industry Report

We surveyed agribusinesses across Oregon with revenues ranging from under $1 million to over $10 million in farm revenue to gather data and information on key areas important to the agribusiness community: wage information to benchmark the labor market, employee benefit program best practices, and land rent markets in various areas and commodities.

Land rents can be a very large expense for agribusinesses as well, depending on what percentage of in-service acreage is leased. Land rent data, while much more readily available in the Midwest, is not readily available in the Oregon markets, and every year this is one of the items our clients ask about the most. This year, we have included annual land rents in our survey.

2017 Agribusiness Industry Survey

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  • Wage information to benchmark the labor market
  • Employee benefit program best practices
  • Land rent markets in various areas and commodities
  • Attracting and training talent