Meet Our People

If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It.

Heather M Wonderly

“I joined Aldrich for many reasons, among the primary reasons was the firm’s value, ethics and philosophies matched my own.  Another was the ability to maintain a healthy work/life balance and committed to family.”

– Heather Wonderly

Robert D LaCour

“Aldrich has allowed me to explore my interests in public accounting and elsewhere.  While technical skills have been important, I’ve also developed my soft skills here- from recruiting and training new staff to meeting with clients and developing proposals.  Aldrich has given me the time and support to pursue my interests.”

– Bobby LaCour

Barnett, Michelle 2015 Bio Image

“I came to Aldrich by way of acquisition of the company I was working for, but I’ve stayed at Aldrich because of the sense of belonging to a great company that offers opportunity for growth and really cares about its client and people.”

– Michelle Barnett

Geoff G Horton

“Aldrich serves a variety of different clients and industries.  This means that I’ve had an opportunity to learn about different fields or decide whether to specialize in an area that suits me best.”

– Geoff Horton